Vote for AZ-T-CA Mexican Grill Best of Springfield 2016!

by aztca on 22 Sep | 0

Click on this link if you would like to vote for us in the Illinois Times Best of Springfield 2016!

The information is also below if you don’t use the link above.

How it works


We love local:  Keep it local and vote local. We want to celebrate our home grown businesses.
Your feedback at the end is always appreciated.


How to vote:   There are 7 categories and around 130 different questions where you can cast a nomination vote.   You can either vote for someone else’s nominee OR make your own nomination.  Please take a minute to add some short comments about those you’ve nominated – so we’ll know why they’re special.   (And please tell us where to find them if it isn’t clear.)   

Online voting: One vote per email address..  You can leave the ballot and return to complete it later until all sections have been submitted, but once you’ve have “submitted and continued” in all sections and “finalized your ballot, you are done.

Submit and Continue locks in one page of votes.  It will take you to the next voting page.

Finalize my Ballot will close your ballot.  Click this when you are done for good.

Write-ins will be submitted when you click either button mentioned above.  Until you do, you can change your mind.

If you click Skip, nothing is counted on the page, and you can return to it later.

Mobile app and Facebook voting Download our app from the iTunes store. “Best of Springfield” to search and download the app and on the Illinois Times Facebook page.

WINNERS chosen by our readers will be announced in the 

BEST OF SPRINGFIELD 2016  – Thursday, October 27th